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Sex Elixir Spanish Fly - 15ml

SEX ELIXIR Spanish Fly – 15ml - The stron gest aphrodisiac within your range

How to invoke excitement? Secrets of magic love

Evening. Man and woman. Meeting. Crossed gazes, uncertain smiles. Weight of good intentions. And what? Nothing. Unfortunately there was no chemistry, no fire kindled. Why? Is lack of sexual energy, desire? But she liked him, and he her.

How to make your senses heated up to red? To let go nervousness, stress, uncertainty? Stimulate the desire and willingness to Sexual Intercourse. A proven aphrodisiac, it is the best way to wake up a storm of love ecstasy

The history of spanish fly

For many centuries people have been using various stimulants to boost their libido and improve sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs have been known and used by every culture. In the old days, they used to exist in the form of love potions, prepared by witches and shamans. The recipes for such mixtures were closely guarded and their properties were made available only to a small group of privilaged people, including caesars, pharaohs and kings. The greatest lovers in history, such as Casanova or Don Juan admitted that they had taken them to improve their sex drive. One of the most legendary aphrodisiacs, renowned for its effectivenes, is Spanish Fly.

Hot Latin passion with just a few drops

Sex elixir is latin vigor and sexual vitality closed in a small bottle.

It's a safe product, which does not include any harmful catandrina. It's only based on the patented mixture of ingredients.

Sexelixir increases potency, desire and erotic sensation.

Sex Potion increases both the potency, lust, as well as the erotic sensations.


Experienced users of aphrodisiacs claim that the fly is extremely effective in  case of persons who are in a long relationship. It helps you find new energy, to rekindle the fire even in burned relationships.


Sex Potion is great for people just starting sexual intercourse. After taking it allows to overcome shame and shyness. Overcome stage fright before the first contact. Furthermore it makes sexual sensations stronger than usual. NOTE: The Spanish fly is in demand on the individual circumstances of the body. You should remember not to mix it with hot drinks type of coffee or tea.


Sex Elixir is especially recommended to:

• timid People - to stimulate

• frigid People - to have discovered the nature of the hot Latino

• marriages and couples with longer experience - to re-ignite the fire that burned between you

• For problems with potency

• In order to increase the intensity of sexual experience


Consumers Award – The Best Product 2014

erotrendy 2014 feromony love & desire 

Sexelixir was nominated for the prestigious EROtrendy Consumer Awards 2014 in the category "Best Product". Nomination is the discernment and appreciation of the product by consumers.


Guarantee of satisfaction !

Frequently bought Spanish fly. Effectiveness confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers opinion. Buy SexElixir without risk. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.



The ingredients included in Sex elixir stimulate your organism. It stimultes blood supply to erogenous zones of both men and women.

High concentration of ingredients will light every women's fire. Even the most frigid one can become a passionate lover. It's possible to increase your libido after only a few drops!


The drops can be added into juice as they don't change its flavour. It takes only about 10 drops to make you and your partner feel extremely excited!


Possible side effects:

It can influence changes in the concentration of potassium increases the acidity in the stomach and then glucose level in blood. So remember not to exceed the daily dose of the preparation.

Informacje o produkcie
Usage For Women
Volume 15ml

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Sex Elixir Spanish Fly - 15ml

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