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-11 % Potency Gel - 100ml

Potency Gel operation:

  • Stronger and longer erection
  • Improve blond flow to the genitals
  • Greater sexual prowess
  • Faster response to sexual stimuli
  • Rapie regeneration of the body after sex
  • Stronger feeling of sexual stimulus
  • Perfect lubrication during intercourse

It’s for use during intercourse to sustain long and strong erections
Potency Gel it’s a gel, which  has been designed for men who did not experience full sexual satisfaction due to too weak or too short persistent erection. To meet this problem, we have developed a gel which is based on strong components  of vegetable origin, that exhibit high activity to stimulate an erection and supporting sexual prowess.

It permits achieving  and maintaining full, sturdy erection.
Powerfull erection as a teenager
Potency Gel is an innovative product , which will make you never hear "nothing happened, dear". Intensive gel’s ingredients improve penis’ blood circulation. Not only will you be  hard and ready for intercourse, but also feel more erotic stimuli.
PotencyGel will make your orgasm two times stronger!
Incredibly masculine and ready for intercourse like never before
PotencyGel with a maximum dose of active ingredients such as caffeine, Guarana,Japanese Ginkgo and ginseng lets you achieve an erection immediately after use. This combination of ingredients causes faster and harder blood circulation  to your penis. Better supplied with blood penis is a guarantee of strong and long lasting erections.

Firm, strong, moist

Not only your partner will be impressed by pure erections, but also your penis appearance. Everything is due to the oats,  rich in vitamins and minerals which have positive influence on the skin, intense conditioning.
PotencyGel is also lubricant, what will help you avoid scrapes and unpleasant feelings after sex.

Instant regeneration

Thanks to PotencyGel you will be so proud of your accomplishments, that your bed partner will demand a repeat of entertainment. Everything is due to a high content of ingredients such as hops and Menthol

Your body will be ready for the next sexual act in no time, and next intercourse will be much longer.

Informacje o produkcie
Usage For Men
Volume 100ml

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Potency Gel - 100ml

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